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SKIN HEAL salve was formulated in the lab of the SALVE BROTHERS parents in 1991. Ever since, people have been applying SKIN HEAL to their bites, burns, scratches, cuts, and general skin conditions.

These second-generation Salve makers are committed to the quality of natural organic products that their parents insisted upon. Though there are many choices on store shelves and online, only the best, such as SalveBrothers, are made with a high ratio of raw organically produced herb to oil. Many products are combinations of oils and essential oils, while SalveBrothers banks on the medicinal properties in the herbs their products contain, as well as the important qualities provided by the generous use of healing essential oils.

Our products are made by hand and made with gratitude for the knowledge of plant medicines, which has passed from generation to generation, honoring the plants as healers. Judy Harmon continues to maintain and share knowledge acquired from a lineage of teachers during her 30 plus years of study and practice of plant medicine, and her sons are led to share the benefits with you.

There has never been an age when natural medicine was unimportant, yet these times surely call for the intelligent use of organic and natural products.

Please write and let us know how you like our salves. To your health!

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