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I've always been worried about trying new remedies on my face. But when I heard it was all natural, I thought I'd Give it a try. In just one day my skin turned silky smooth, and over the next few days I watched my blemishes disappear - it made my pores noticeably smaller, and created a protective layer that blocked out the dirt and oil! - Jessica L., customer

One day I was working on my sport bike and touched a very hot piece of metal it was close to 200 degrees. It burned my whole palm and up my fingers. I applied salve brothers Skin Heal immediately. The burning stopped within minutes and never blistered or got very red. I highly recommend these products! - Anthony Tontodonati, customer


I am very picky about what I put on my lips. For years, the only product that I could trust to keep my lips smooth was Burt's Bees. Not anymore. I haven't used anything except Salve Brothers lip balm ever since I tried it almost 3 months ago.

It's good stuff! I don't have to use it as often either, and that's really surprising to me because it's the middle winter in Colorado! - Karen Caswell, customer

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After using the Salve Brothers Skin Heal product, my skin has cleared up in just a few days! Absolutely amazing, and the fact that its all natural sealed the deal for me... I've found a new favorite skin salve! - Brittany S., customer

I love your Salve! Thanks for sharing it with me, I will use it for life! Just after I purchased a tin I burned my hand, I immediately used it. I have never seen my skin heal so fast, there is no sign of the burn! - Pat Bellestri-Martinez, customer


Salve Brothers Skin Heal is wonderful. Working with kids everyday, it is super important for me to keep my hands clean throughout the day. Washing with soap and water can really dry out my skin. Using the Salve Brothers Skin heal keeps my hands moisturized, renewing my skin with a safe, organic product. The Salve Brothers natural skin care products have become a part if my daily part of my life. -Anita Lara, customer


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